How to Register?

  • Registration is done at the Front Office of the hospital. You will be given a Reg. Number which will be Unique Hospital Identification Number for you. This number will be required to be produced by you every time you visit the hospital so that your records can be traced out from the previous medical records.

    For further information, you can contact the hospital number


Patient appointment is based on the Consultants' timings. You can call up the hospital numbers to check the availability of your consultant and the exact OPD timings.

OPD Timing:
a. Consultant’s OPD
Monday to Saturday :   
Morning: 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM

b. Emergency & Causality


For routine admission, you can contact the Front Office who will do the needful. The allocation of rooms/ beds will be subjected to availability of beds at the time of admission.

An idea is given about the billing pattern during the admission in the hospital. You can get the details about the mode of billing immediately after admission to avoid confusion. The Final Bill will be given to you at the time of discharge from the hospital.

Visiting Your Patient:

The visiting hours of the hospital are:

  • General Visiting Hours: 05.00 PM to 07.00 PM

Special Visiting Hours:

  • Morning (Tea / Breakfast)       : 6.30 AM to 7.30 AM
  • Afternoon (Lunch)                    : 12.00 Noon to 01.00 PM
  • Night (Dinner)                           : 07.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Attendant pass should be collected at the time of admission. Special pass will be issued in case of emergency cases.

DO’s and DON’T’s (IPD):

  • Children below 10 years are not allowed as attendants in the hospital as they are susceptible to infections.
  • Please do not keep valuables, jewellery, expensive personal items in the patient rooms. The VK-NRL Hospital Management will not be responsible for loss of such items
  • Do not bring Laptop, Mobile or Portable audio systems.
  • Silence should be observed at all times in the hospital
  • Kindly discuss your health problems with your treating consultant/ nurse only. Information given by any other person should not be trusted.
  • Any special requirement/ need can be conveyed to your doctor/ nurse or hospital management.
  • Do not try to enter some special areas like ICU, Post Operative Ward, Burn Ward, Neonatal Ward and Operation theatre.

Other Facilities and Conditions:

  • Wheelchairs / Patient Trolley – Wheelchairs / Patient Trolley is available in the main entrance. If one is not available, please ask a member of reception staff for assistance.
  • Mobile phones - can give out signals that interfere with medical equipment and as a result we ask all patients and visitors to use mobiles only in the hospital reception areas. Phones should be switched off in all other areas.
  • The entire hospital premises is considered as “NO SMOKING ZONE” and patients and visitors are requested not to smoke in the hospital premises.


Following are the types of rooms available:

  • General Wards
  • Semi Cabins
  • Suite (only for NRL & Associates groups)


All vehicles should be parked in the designated area. Only Ambulance / patient carrying vehicles are allowed to hospital premises.