Smile on a sufferer:
A physically challenged (deaf & dumb) young girl aged 24 years hailed from a nearby village who is living with her lone widow mother came to our hospital on 28/10/2013 with pain abdomen and severe anaemia due to persistent heavy menstruation with large tumors (fibromyoma) on her uterus for more than last five years. She was treated at different government hospitals including medical college for her said problem during that period. She was operated on 01/11/2013 with removal all visible tumours from her uterus and recovered completely from her symptoms. Unfortunately, there was reappearance of tumors on her uterus after about two years and she was again admitted and different medicinal treatment was started. When medicinal treatment showed no response laparoscopic surgery was done on 19/03/2015 to remove the tumors. After the second surgery her problem restarted within a short period due to rapid re-growth of the tumors. Some advanced medical treatment was again started to control her bleeding and pain which showed no result. After repeated request from her guardians finally her uterus was removed on 13/10/2015 as a last resort to save her life. She was discharged on 19/10/2015 after complete recovery. She has been attending our hospital for check up till date and found to be in a state of good health and spirit. It is worthwhile to mention that she was offered complete free treatment including medicine at our hospital and she was supported by local community by donating blood and other aspects.

Smile on a sufferer:
Sri DS, 70 years old male, very poor man has been suffering from Bell’s pulsy / Facial pulsy with sudden onset. He was treated successfully and health status improved. Paralysis cured with proper motor function of the eyelids and facial muscles.
Sri BS, 10 years boy suffering from rickets with both legs deformity. He came to MMC clinic and was offered calcium and vitamins supplementation regularly and yoga therapy for last one year. He is now able to stand and walk without support.
Smti BS, 75 years old epileptic lady could not continue treatment due to her poverty. She has been offered seizure treatment from the Mobile Medical Camp for last one year. Now her disease condition has improved and she is living a good quality life.

Success story of Physiotherapy Department:
The Physiotherapy department is treating various conditions which are commonly: Back & Neck pain, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Osteoarthrities, Sciatica , Stroke Rehabilitations, Tennis Elbow, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Bell’s Palsy etc.
Mrs. CD/42 years/female came to the department with sudden onset of difficulty in closing right eye and weakness in the right sided facial muscles. The condition was diagnosed as facial palsy. She recovered completely after 15 days physiotherapy.

Success story of Laboratory Department:
A 36 yrs old female, presented in the OPD with pain abdomen.
A CUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA (Blood Cancer) diagnosed at our Laboratory
Generally Blood Cancer is not detected so quickely. May be because Complete Blood Haemogram is generally not advices for pain abdomen.

Success story of Pediatric Department:
28 weeks twin with BW 1.05 and 0.953 KG delivered on 14.09.2015
These preterm low birth weight babies were in NICU in incubation and given Nasal Feeding and other supplementary treatment. After 45 days babies weight increased by 70 – 80% and able to take mother’s breast milk.
Proud mother of Twins on 45th day baby’s weight 1500grams and 1386grams