To provide excellent service, the Hospital will:

  (a) To ensure maximum use of available hospital facilities  
  (b) To ensure that equipments are always in working condition.  
  (c) To achieve highest standards in medical care, safety, health prevention and protection and to take action for prevention rather than cure.  
  (d) e. To propagate the preventive as well as curative health care in the neighboring villages of the refinery through Mobile Medical Camp Services.  
  (e) To develop high standard of health care by efficient training, planning and brain storming.  
  (f) To remain at the forefront of health care by continuous up gradation of in-house expertise and inculcating latest techniques and procedures.  
  (g) To make the hospital operation cost effective by constantly monitoring consumption of consumables, proper manpower planning etc.  
  (h) Reduce outside referrals  
  (i) Maintain high standard of sanitation, cleanliness, and pollution control and environment protection  
  (j) To establish the hospital as one of the best training centre for nursing students of VKNRL School of Nursing.