Mobile medical camp, a community based health service of Vivekananda Kendra NRL hospital. It has been providing health services to needy population of surrounding villages of Numaligarh refinery Ltd and also many remote villages of Golaghat district since 1998. During the period of commissioning of Numaligarh refinery Ltd itself decided to outsource the proposed company hospital and accordingly they approached Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari to run the hospital. Kendra agreed to the proposal in one condition that as Vivekananda Kendra is a spiritually oriented service mission, they have to be given the opportunity to serve to the nearby population who are lack of adequate minimum health care services due to poor road communication and socioeconomic status and insufficient government health services in those areas. An MOU between Numaligarh Refinery Ltd and Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari was signed in the year 1997. As per the agreement a dispensary was setup to serve the refinery and allied group of people and a Mobile Medical Camp to serve for nearby population in the year 1998.

At present Vivekananda Kendra NRL Hospital operating two Mobile Medical Team. They are working as Mobile Team-I and Team-II. Total 50 camp covered under Mobile Medical Camp which include around 60 villages within 5 to 10 km radius of Numaligarh Refinery Limited area.

Providing primary health care service and awareness program on various communicable and non communicable diseases including health and hygiene with preventive measures within the 5 TO 10 KM areal distance from Numaligarh refinery Ltd. Beyond the refinery area MMC conduct special health camp and awareness program average 24 health camp annually on request of other NGOs and also it has the provision to organize special health camp where there is epidemic/outbreak or natural calamity with the ability of doctors and resources from the hospital. Annually average 40000 patients are expected to attend MMC OPD services. At present MMC is equipped with Mobile Laboratory facility with provision on the spot blood report of essential blood test for poor community. Hemoglobin estimation, blood sugar estimation, Blood grouping etc. Regular first aid training program for local population and police constable, CISF Jawan, Forest Guard and Teachers from schools and colleges is another beneficial activity of MMC. MMC started to conduct regular cervical and breast cancer screening camp in rural and remote areas since 2017 with through laboratory investigation procedure of suspected patients. Beyond the regular demographic survey MMC team adopting some Tuberculosis endemic areas for screening and treatments under DOTs. Regular blood donation camp and awareness on Blood donation and Anemia in nearby school and colleges is a regular activity now.

Providing treatment and preventive measures of Diarrheal diseases, Dysentery, Skin infection, Respiratory tract infection, Malaria, Helminthiasis, Nutritional anemia and also MMC has been giving awareness on it. More than that MMC has been dealing with hypertensive and diabetic patients with regular free medication and blood sugar estimation under specialist doctor’s supervision. The team visits at least 12 primary schools annually for health checkup and awareness on health and hygiene. At present Mobile medical team conducts mass deworming camps to the regularly visited villages and to make them aware about the need of deworming and its relation with nutritional anemia of children every year. At least one in a year

Regular visit of Gynecologist and pediatrician with mobile medical team is become easy access to people living in remote and difficult area for specialized consultation. Time to time specialist doctors from hospital visit for consultation and to deliver awareness speech on Diarrheal diseases and usefulness of ORS, Exclusive Breast Feeding, Family planning, Breast cancer, Cancer cervix, HIV/AIDS is become beyond a primary health care service. Yoga awareness camp and training and conducting talk on Swami Vivekananda message and Vivekananda Kendra founder Mananeeya Eknathje Ranade’s life and work is another addition of Mobile medical camp service to the community.

Time to time demographic survey and comparative study of surrounding villages of Numaligarh Refinery with the aim to study of the population, Family size, Literacy rate, Child and Maternal health, Family planning , Socioeconomic status, water supply and sanitation is important service of mobile medical camp.

As a whole mobile medical camp has been performing a unique role to serve rural population of Numaligarh refinery surrounded villages and other remote villages of Golagaht district within the capacity. Vivekananda Kendra NRL hospital authority has been always associated for better and smooth functioning of the unit and to deliver a satisfactory community service for a healthier society and healthier living style. MOBILE MEDICAL CAMP TEAM members are always inspired by Swamiji’s Message “SERVICE TO THE MEN IS SERVICE TO THE GOD”